Design Process

Werther_Design Process 1.jpg

The opera Werther is based on a late 18th Century novel by Goethe and is frequently interpreted as a period Romantic era idyll about an obsessed poet infatuated with Nature and the tragic consequences of his love affair with a married woman. The music is lush and rhapsodic.

In our production the director jettisoned the romantic trappings and period setting and chose to create a parallel universe involving an unnamed protagonist living in the present. He’s isolated, obsessed, and emotionally disturbed, experiencing life vicariously through a digital avatar. An alternate state of consciousness was achieved through non-realistic staging techniques and an immersive use of projected dream imagery.



By: Jules Massenet
Conductor: Mark Gibson
Director: Nic Muni
Venue: CCM- College Conservatory of Music
Lighting Director: Jonathan Fuchs
Scenic Designer: Thomas C. Umfrid
Projections By: Derek L. McLaughlin & Noah Mehl
Costume Designer: Dean Mogle
Hair & Makeup Designer: Daniel Townsend
Technical Director: Derick Sheehan
Scenic Design Assistant: Jamie Bressler
Stage Manager: Milena Ostojich
Photographer: Mark Lyons