Design Process


We used the updated 1981 Joseph Papp Broadway version. This choice freed us to be bigger, brighter, zanier, and unbound to traditional production practice in the staging and production design.

This was my second Penzance and as I did in my first design, I used the 1930’s French artist Raoul Dufy as visual inspiration but I pushed and expanded the stylistic elements. I had more scenic acreage and a fantastic scenic art team!

The stage action was very physical and athletic. Hidden doors and portholes in the hard surround allowed the Pirates, the Major General’s daughters, and the Police Bobbies to enter surreptitiously through the walls. In Act 1 the Pirates could literally pop through the walls and ambush the girls.

This production came off as fresh, exuberant, and musically exact with the young cast clearly articulating every tongue-twisting lyric, hitting every mark, and indulging in the inherent satire and clever situational humor.

Pirates CCM_Design Process 1.jpg


By: Gilbert & Sullivan
Conductor: Roger Grodsky
Director: Jeremy Gold Kronenberg
Venue: CCM – College-Conservatory of Music
Scenic Designer: Thomas C. Umfrid
Lighting Designer: Luke A. Kritzeck
Costume Designer: Yu Ishida
Hair & Makeup Designer:  Laura Peters
Technical Director:  Brian Frank
Prop Master: Matt Steinbrenner
Stage Manager:  Connor Gallagher
Photographer: Mark Lyons