Design Process


Heidi Holland’s life is on display in a series of chronological episodes starting with Heidi as a high school student in the 1960’s ending with her as a mature professional art historian with an adopted child in the late 1980’s.

The design/directing team set the play in an environment reminiscent of a trendy urban art gallery of the period. All that was missing was “the art”. Heidi’s life and times provided the missing element. The scene-to-scene transitions were choreographed and underscored with period-perfect music and projection sequences. The furniture came/went via tracked motorized pallets and pivoting suspended tracked panels provided the walls. The story telling was front and center on the thrust stage.



By: Wendy Wasserstein
Director: Richard Hess
Venue: CCM – College-Conservatory of Music
Scenic Design: Thomas C. Umfrid   Associate Scenic Design: Aaron Bridgman
Lighting Designer: Joe Beumer
Costume Designer: Jillian Coratti
Hair & Makeup Designer:  Taylor Malott
Technical Director:  Stevenson Miller
Prop Master: Kristen Budke
Stage Manager:  Susan Stephenson
Photographers:  Mark Lyons & Zeek Creative