Design Process

Robert Ward, the composer, and his librettist Bernard Stambler wrote a tight and emotionally taut opera adaptation of the classic Miller play.

Although the core story and characters in the play remain intact, the operatic setting allows for a freer interpretation where mood and thematic underpinnings are more important than adherence to correct historical details frequently used in more traditional “Pilgrim’s Progress” style productions of the play.

The design and directing team played on the fear, hysteria, and emotional isolation of the characters in a world where innuendo and things said, unsaid and unseen have disastrous effect.



Opera By: Robert Ward
Conductor: Zhang Xian
Director: Nicholas Muni
Venue: CCM- College Conservatory of Music
Scenic Design: Thomas C. Umfrid
Lighting: Elizabeth T. Lammer
Costumes: Kimberly Ann Long
Hair & Makeup: Katie Kurz
Technical Direction: Joshua Prues & Steven Waxler
Stage Manager: Alison Dingle
Photographer:  Mark Lyons