Design Process

Mice and Men_Design Process 1.jpg
Mice and Men_Design Process 2.jpg

During our first studio session the director, my assistant and I faced an empty scaled model box lit with a simple desk lamp. How could we translate my 2D pencil sketches into 3D space? On impulse I grabbed my model table blotter and torn off 2 hunks of chip board and fashioned 2 crude “mountains” placing them in the model box with the scale human figures. We were intrigued by what we saw. Then the director asked, “Can the 2 mountains really be made out of cardboard?” 

This question led to a fascinating, and wildly successful, collaboration with my Technical team to R&D a process to convincingly replicate in steel, wood and canvas the simplicity and honesty of the simply torn and curved cardboard model shapes in the model box.

Mice and Men_Design Process 3.jpg
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Composer: Carlisle Floyd
Conductor: Mark Gibson
Director: Nicholas Muni
Venue: College-Conservatory of Music/ CCM
Scenic Design: Thomas C. Umfrid
Lighting Designer: Corey Felgenhauer
Costume Designer: Katie Kimmel   
Technical Director: Chris Weir
Prop Master: Kat Miller
Design Assistant: Stacy Szczepanik
Stage Manager: Sandy Zamora
Photographer: Mark Lyons