Design Process

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When designing a Shakespeare play involving magic and spirits, the design/directing team must come to terms with the supernatural world of the play. For example, in Macbeth who or what are the witches, spirits and ghosts? And do the characters have free will and self-determination or are their fates pre-ordained by supernatural forces? The answers to these questions effect staging and fight choreography and the set, lighting, sound, and costume design.

Designing this show was a case study in reduction. As the staging and fight choreography evolved so did the set design. Starting out as a large unit set with a stylized surround and a steeply raked deck, the surround was jettisoned and the raked deck leveled out a bit to better support the combat and hidden traps and effects for the supernatural effects and characters.


"Tom is a dream collaborator - a good listener, a creative thinker, and a team player. He is passionate about details and sensitive to the big picture. A true professional.” — Brant Russell, Director



By: Shakespeare
Director: Brant Russell
Fight Choreographer: k. Jenny Jones
Venue: CCM College-Conservatory of Music
Scenic Design: Thomas C. Umfrid
Lighting Designer: CJ Melides
Costume Designer: Risa Alecci
Hair & Makeup Designer:  Crysta Menefee
Technical Director:  Stevenson Miller
Stage Manager: Shanice Caruthers
Photographers: Mark Lyons & Zeek Creative