Design Process


Little Women is a cinematic musical with a time-honored structure. The director, a Broadway veteran, made his staging needs known at the onset of the design process.  My initial challenge became organizing what had to move, how did it move, and where did it store when it wasn’t moving. Further integral to the puzzle was planning for the shift machinery, furniture and props storage, off stage pathways for actors with wide hoop skirts, 2 costume and wig changing booths, and positions for permanent side lighting. This was a tall order for a stage with shallow wings and no permanent crossover.

I introduced portals to increase the depth of the side wings so I would have space to store the low profile scenic pallets that shifted via concealed tracks in the stage deck.

Little Women_9.jpg
Little Women_10.jpg
Little Women_3.jpg


By: Howland/Dickstein/Knee
Director: Thomas Warren
Venue: College-Conservatory of Music/ CCM
Scenic Designer:  Thomas C. Umfrid
Lighting Designer: James H. Gage
Costume Designer: Dean Mogle
Technical Director: Stevenson Miller
Assistant Designer:  Meghan Urbanski
Stage Manager: Cynthia Hennon
Photographer: Mark Lyons