Design Process

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Ameri Idiot_Design Process 2.jpg

The Director didn’t want this production to a glorified Green Day rock concert; he felt there was a linear story to tell. He was keen on creating a post 9-11 vibe as if a great urban collapse had recently occurred, although we both agreed it would be difficult to dance on burnt out cars and piles of twisted steel girders and masonry rubble!  

The proscenium-thrust stage is relatively shallow, has minimal wing space and challenging sight lines and a strictly enforced fire curtain line that divides the stage house from the deep apron at the proscenium line. Hence there was a challenge to allocate space for the 32’ high wrap-around steel structure, the band, a string quartet, 20 CRT video screens, piles of rubble, a stylized bus, the head of the Statue of Liberty, and 18 frenzied maniacs. It was a really good show.

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By: Green Day, Armstrong and Mayer
Director: Aubrey Berg
Choreographer:  Samantha Pollino
Venue: College-Conservatory of Music/ CCM
Scenic Design: Thomas C. Umfrid      Associate Scenic Design: Aaron Bridgman
Lighting Designer: CJ Melides
Costume Designer:  Jillian Coratti
Hair and Makeup: Jillian Floyd
TD: Stevenson Miller
Prop Master: Christina Chester
Design Assistants:  Matthew Hamel and Olivia Leigh
Stage Manager: Jenny Rissover
Photographers: Mark Lyons, Zeek Creative