Design Process

MND_Design Process 2.jpg

I had an intense and satisfying learning curve designing this show. The stage director and I, first time collaborators, enjoyed the design process getting to know one another and the staging needs of the opera.  The design journey was not a straight path and began and ended in very different places benefiting from reduction, conceptual zigzags and happy accidents in the model box. Like the excellent and evocative costumes and lighting, the set design was infused with Asian imagery, Qing ink drawing and calligraphy technique, and the Cantonese Opera.



By: Benjamin Britten
Conductor: Stuart Stratford
Director: Ceri Sherlock
Venue: Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts  
Scenic Design: Thomas C. Umfrid
Lighting Designer: Samuel Chan
Costume Designer: Mandy Tam
Assistant Scenic Designer: Vanessa Suen Wing Kwan